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About Us

The Broomwell flock is run by Susan Bryden and was established by Susan and her father, the late Andrew Taylor. 

The foundation stock consisted of four ewes acquired from the Ruslin flock and the first ram used was from the Fenman flock. 

The first major success came in 1990 when the flock produced the Ryeland Show and Sale male champion at Leominster - Broomwell Fulke.

It was the beginning of a journey that would lead the flock to championship successes across the country.


Breed titles have been won at Royal Lancashire, Royal Highland, The Great Yorkshire, Cumberland County, Dumfries, Kinross, and Penrith.

The year 2001 will be one ingrained in the memory of every livestock breeder as the horrors of FMD swept across the country. 

The Broomwell flock, based in the heart of the area of Scotland to be affected by the disease, was forced to face the ultimate sacrifice demanded of the Scottish authorities to contain this disease. On March 26, 2001 the apparently healthy flock at Broomwell was wiped out by a Ministry vet, taken in a 3km cull. 

In the aftermath of this disaster, when the time came to consider re-stocking, the flock was overwhelmed with kind offers from fellow breeders - and consequently a great majority of the ewes acquired for restocking were daughters or granddaughters of Broomwell sires.

Since that time we have continued to build the flock, striving to breed animals healthy and sound and true to the breed type. 

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